February 2017 – Raid Report

Raid Report 2-26-17

Raiders match on February 26th, 2017
We had wonderful weather and a great turnout for our match.  
This was a more challenging match than a typical close and fast cowboy match.  There were clay targets for the rifle on Stg 1.  There were 10 knockdowns/moving falling plates for the rifle on Stg. 6.  We had movement with the rifle and we tested ourselves with two tries at the World Record stage on Stages 4 and 5.  
What did we learn?  
Apparently, moving with the rifle was easily handled.  31 shooters and no DQs on that stage.  It was fun and maybe shouldn’t be so rare…
Adjusting from a clay to triple-tapping a big target and back required good sight picture and trigger control.  And we better have our rifles zeroed in!
With the World Record stage’s 16″ squares set at 18 yards for rifle and 7 yards for pistols, it was evident that we have become accustomed to up close targets.  Those darn targets seemed a long way off!
And speaking just for me, shooting at falling plates while they are moving is really FUN!
We welcomed 2 brand new Buckaroos: Rapid Fire Trouble and Slingshot.  Many thanks to Rocky Creek Shooter for bringing these young men into the game.
We also had 2 other brand new shooters breaking into the game: Oklahoma Black Dog and Bette Noir.
What a great day!
See you all at the Dark Day on the Santa Fe or at The Ides of March…
Next Raiders match on March 26th.
Until then,
Delta Glen

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The First Ride (1/28/17) Raid Report

The First Ride is in the books.
After the stirring opening ceremony, 85 shooters fired 16,500+ rounds on 8 stages in just a few hours.  That is a whole lot of freedom going down range.  We are fortunate indeed to live in the United States where we can enjoy such a day. 
We had cowboys and cowgirls from Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, New Hampshire, and Michigan. We were thrilled to have so many out-of-state shooters. 
On behalf of Rooster Ray, Johnny Showchaps, and Hawkeye Gin, I want to thank the following for their contributions to The First Ride:
*Gainesville Target Range for the use of the range and continued support
*Lake Co. Pistoleros for extra targets and props
*Ft. White Cowboy Cavalry for timers and targets
*Santa Fe River Stan for name badges and targets
*Bob deRochemont for the use of Rena’s Ballroom
*Major Mishap for the plate rack and all of his hard work
*Sage Siren for scoring and photos
*Emily Blount for singing The National Anthem
*Boy Scout Troop 86 for their help with brass pickup and target resetting
*Pistol Whippin’ Patti, Zack McGee, and Chance Ramsay for door prize contributions
*Tornado Timmy and Rocky Creek Shooter for props and targets stands.
*Ennah Tizzy, Purdy Sharp, Donna Bernal, and Ginger Bernal for setup and cleanup of the ballroom.
We had an exceptional setup and teardown crew with Rocky Creek Shooter, Little Man, Deadly Sharpshooter, Major Mishap, Rio Drifter, Tennessee Tall, Pistol Whippin’ Patti, Zack McGee, Cassalong Hopidy and our newest couple of hard workers:  High Springs Drifter and Miss Patty.
Congratulations to Santa Fe River Stan and Hawkeye Gin for Top Overall Man and Lady.  And congratulations to all the category winners.
A special shoutout to Big Country for his win in 49er (our largest category) and Greta Dee for her clean match!
Check Facebook or our website for photos and the video of the opening ceremony. 
I hope to see you all on the trail soon,
Delta Glen

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November 2016 – Raid Report

Raid Report 11-27-16

What a pleasant fall day we had on Sunday.

Many thanks to Rooster Ray, Major Mishap, and Sage Siren for setting up the match. Rooster Ray has a growing knack for creating stage scenarios. He certainly believes in “action is our middle name”!

You never know who might show up at a cowboy match. It was really good to see Zack McGee, Silver Buck Chuck, Kid Romeo, Chicken Scratch, and Rock n’ Rob! All of these guys have been regular shooters over the years, but they’ve been scarce lately. 

Congratulations to Little Dead Drewster for the only clean match and his 5th Overall finish.

Wiregrass Willie’s rifle rounds and shotgun loads were powerful enough to almost knock over the whole target stands!

El Q Jones proved that he can shoot different guns at every match and sometimes even on every stage. This time he had Schofields!

A reminder that there will not be a Raiders match in December as the 4th Sunday falls on Christmas Day.

Be sure to send in your applications for our first Annual Match: The First Ride of the Roughshod Raiders. The date is January 28th, 2017. That weekend is the 4th Saturday, but the 5th Sunday of January. We have 43 applications already. One thing is for sure, there will be plenty of shooting and good food afterward. Check our website here for the application and more information.

Here’s hoping everyone has a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

See you on the trail,

Delta Glen

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October 2016 – Raid Report

Raid Report 10-23-16

The weather was perfect. Low humidity and mild temperature. It was a fine day for shooting.
There were 10 knockdowns for the rifle on Stage 1 and 10 knockdowns for the pistols on Stage 6. Any kds left up could be made up with the shotgun. But there were a select few who cleaned the pistol knockdowns without need for makeups. Congratulations to Mustache Greg, Santa Fe River Stan, and Jay Bird Blue (who did it with cap and ball black powder pistols!!).
Many thanks to Major Mishap for restoring and improving the 6 shotgun targets that were damaged in Rod’s fire. They will come in handy in January.
It was good to see Black-Eyed Susie, Bisley, and Marshal Leadready back on the range.
We have 30 shooters signed up for our first annual match on January 28th, 2017. Be sure to sign up soon for what will be a full day of shooting fun. You will get a confirmation email from Gin when we receive your app.
Hope to see you all at Ft. White’s annual this Saturday and at the last Regional in Charleston in a couple of weeks.
Delta Glen

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September 2016 – Raid Report

Raid Report 9-25-16

After a bit of reflection and some comments I heard, yesterday’s Raiders match may have been one of the best we’ve ever had. The input from Rooster Ray and Johnny Showchaps resulted in one heck of a good time!

We had a hostage (no shoot) target, some simple but challenging sequences (1-8-1 sweep), and some possibly totally new target layouts and engagements. But for sure, the all shotgun stage with poppers + flyers with makeup clays available, the concealed and reactive rabid attack dog and bad guy, and finally the vertically arrayed 4 knockdowns was the most interesting and talked about stage in some time.

We welcomed Sheriff Harrah and Deadeye Daryl who are both brand new cowboy action shooters. They both shot quite well and may be hooked…

I can never say enough about the caliber of people who make up our game. Everyone pitches in and helps to put away the steel and clean up the range in record time.

Congratulations to Lake City Kid for the only clean match! Also to Stan and Gin for Top Man and Lady, also 1 and 2 overall.

We had a nice visit with Sheriff Sadie Darnell (the real Sheriff!) who watched us shoot a few stages. Maybe we’ll get her back to try out our sport.

We are pretty excited about our first Annual Match coming up on Saturday January 28th, 2017: The First Ride of the Roughshod Raiders. We already have 10 applications!!

Delta Glen

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Spaghetti Western Best Stage 2017

The Raiders had a blast at this weekend’s Spaghetti Western match hosted by the Lake County Pistoleros. Thank you to the shooters who voted for us to win best stage! We’re glad you enjoyed our throwback props and smiley/frowny targets as much as we enjoyed coming up with them! Also, shout out to all the clubs for writing some crazy cool stages. It was a long day, but definitely worth it. What other match can you see a moving Clint Eastwood no-shoot target, all knockdowns, a lightsaber, the world’s heaviest gold nugget prop, a tiny-bonus challenge, and a very intimidating cut-out of a local shooter staring you in the face?

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August 2016 – Raid Report

Raid Report 8-28-16

We had a hot but occasionally breezy day on the range.

Today’s stages were a fun mix of sequences, transitions, and knockdowns.  We had 6 clean matches out of 22 shooters.  I think Raiders’ shooters are prepared for any type of stage challenge that our game can provide.
As usual, our shooters worked tirelessly to put away all of the targets, bases, tables, etc.  A big thank you to Wabash Valley Slim and Big Country for handling the scores. I’m always humbled to be part of such a fine group of people.
Rocky Creek Shooter marked his 50th birthday this weekend.  Rocky has conducted Cowboy Church for the Raiders since Day 1 and has been a constant supporter of the club.  Happy Birthday!
Congratulations to Santa Fe River Stan for his overall win.
I hope to see you all at the Spaghetti Western match with the Lake Co. Pistoleros on Sept. 17th.
Until then,
Delta Glen

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July 2016 – Raid Report

Raid Report 7-24-16

What a Raiders match we had on Sunday!
So many good things to report:
Little Man was back from EOT as World Champion Buckaroo. We are all proud to shoot with him and his family.
Deadwood Woody is back in the saddle and on the range…good news.
Dynamite Deed shot with us for the first time. And our friend Zack McGee was back as well.
Perhaps the “coolest” thing to report is the clever efforts of Rooster Ray’s and Chicken Scratch’s giant shop fans running on generators. Wherever those guys are, I want to be on their posse!
Kudos to our “Prop Master” Tornado Timmy who built a dynamite box and a most excellent gold nugget that certainly looked like the real thing. Nice work Timmy!!
As far as the match, not only did we have ten knockdowns for Pistol and Rifle on Stage 1, we had eight shotgun knockdowns on Stage 6. Plus, we had two throwback stages: Stage 2 required carrying the 8+ lb. gold nugget to each shooting position and Stage 3 had us loading the shotgun from a bucket in two locations. We haven’t done that kind of thing in a while and it was pretty fun. That gold nugget caused a few arms to stretch!
If you missed it, you missed a lot of fun and a wee bit of heat. Surely, August will be cooler…
See you on the trail,
Delta Glen

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June 2016 – Raid Report

Raid Report 6-26-16

I’m proud to be associated with such a fine group of people.  Every time we set up a match and every time it all gets put away, I marvel at the help that makes the work so fast and efficient.
Our setup crew on Saturday was Sage Siren, Major Mishap, Rooster Ray, Johnny Showchaps, RP Slim, Tornado Timmy. THANKS!!
It felt like dang near every shooter helped put away the steel, tables, and sundries in record time.  Again, THANKS!!
It was fun to stab the knife into the bale and whack the bad guys with the “good piece of hickory”.
To me, the stages certainly felt like a high level match with a real mix of transitions, movement, and plenty of shooting challenges.
A big congratulations to my friend Major Mishap who shot the match clean as a Gunfighter.  No small feat in this match.  Way to go Mr. Jay!!
Welcome to a first time Raider, Mustache Greg.  It was good to see Missouri Ma’am, Misfire Mordecai, Shoulda Dun Gun, and Jeff Shelleen on our range again.
Hope to see you all on the trail,
Delta Glen

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May 2016 – Raid Report

Raid Report 5-22-16

The May Raiders match was COOL!
Literally…the low humidity made for a pleasant day especially for this late in May.
But I’m really talking about the match itself.  Rooster Ray’s inaugural match had a cool story line that ran through to the finale on Stage 6.  On Stage 5 he had a no-shoot target overlapping the shoot target which was a nice twist.  There was plenty of movement, plenty of shooting, and plenty of fun.  Ray even had a saddle mounted on a custom stand which featured dual racks for staging/restaging long guns.  It felt like an annual match.  
I was so excited after reading the stages that Hawkeye Gin and I rushed back from north Georgia Sunday morning in time for me to actually shoot them!  I look forward to more stages from Ray.
Deadly Sharpshooter made the trip back from Georgia as well, but he hit the road early enough to shoot the whole match with the posse.  
Special thanks to everyone who helped Ray set up the match on Saturday: Sage Siren (who along with Beck A. Boo also handled sign-in and scoring) Johnny Showchaps, R.P. Slim, Roughneck Rod, BRK, and Tornado Timmy (who also delivered the coolers and drinks). 
A special tip of the hat to Wabash Valley Slim who is now the Overall Georgia State Champion!!!
I couldn’t be prouder of the volunteers and shooters who make up the Roughshod Raiders.  
We will see you June 26th for our next match!
Delta Glen

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