February 2017 – Raid Report

Raid Report 2-26-17

Raiders match on February 26th, 2017
We had wonderful weather and a great turnout for our match.  
This was a more challenging match than a typical close and fast cowboy match.  There were clay targets for the rifle on Stg 1.  There were 10 knockdowns/moving falling plates for the rifle on Stg. 6.  We had movement with the rifle and we tested ourselves with two tries at the World Record stage on Stages 4 and 5.  
What did we learn?  
Apparently, moving with the rifle was easily handled.  31 shooters and no DQs on that stage.  It was fun and maybe shouldn’t be so rare…
Adjusting from a clay to triple-tapping a big target and back required good sight picture and trigger control.  And we better have our rifles zeroed in!
With the World Record stage’s 16″ squares set at 18 yards for rifle and 7 yards for pistols, it was evident that we have become accustomed to up close targets.  Those darn targets seemed a long way off!
And speaking just for me, shooting at falling plates while they are moving is really FUN!
We welcomed 2 brand new Buckaroos: Rapid Fire Trouble and Slingshot.  Many thanks to Rocky Creek Shooter for bringing these young men into the game.
We also had 2 other brand new shooters breaking into the game: Oklahoma Black Dog and Bette Noir.
What a great day!
See you all at the Dark Day on the Santa Fe or at The Ides of March…
Next Raiders match on March 26th.
Until then,
Delta Glen

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