October 2016 – Raid Report

Raid Report 10-23-16

The weather was perfect. Low humidity and mild temperature. It was a fine day for shooting.
There were 10 knockdowns for the rifle on Stage 1 and 10 knockdowns for the pistols on Stage 6. Any kds left up could be made up with the shotgun. But there were a select few who cleaned the pistol knockdowns without need for makeups. Congratulations to Mustache Greg, Santa Fe River Stan, and Jay Bird Blue (who did it with cap and ball black powder pistols!!).
Many thanks to Major Mishap for restoring and improving the 6 shotgun targets that were damaged in Rod’s fire. They will come in handy in January.
It was good to see Black-Eyed Susie, Bisley, and Marshal Leadready back on the range.
We have 30 shooters signed up for our first annual match on January 28th, 2017. Be sure to sign up soon for what will be a full day of shooting fun. You will get a confirmation email from Gin when we receive your app.
Hope to see you all at Ft. White’s annual this Saturday and at the last Regional in Charleston in a couple of weeks.
Delta Glen

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