September 2016 – Raid Report

Raid Report 9-25-16

After a bit of reflection and some comments I heard, yesterday’s Raiders match may have been one of the best we’ve ever had. The input from Rooster Ray and Johnny Showchaps resulted in one heck of a good time!

We had a hostage (no shoot) target, some simple but challenging sequences (1-8-1 sweep), and some possibly totally new target layouts and engagements. But for sure, the all shotgun stage with poppers + flyers with makeup clays available, the concealed and reactive rabid attack dog and bad guy, and finally the vertically arrayed 4 knockdowns was the most interesting and talked about stage in some time.

We welcomed Sheriff Harrah and Deadeye Daryl who are both brand new cowboy action shooters. They both shot quite well and may be hooked…

I can never say enough about the caliber of people who make up our game. Everyone pitches in and helps to put away the steel and clean up the range in record time.

Congratulations to Lake City Kid for the only clean match! Also to Stan and Gin for Top Man and Lady, also 1 and 2 overall.

We had a nice visit with Sheriff Sadie Darnell (the real Sheriff!) who watched us shoot a few stages. Maybe we’ll get her back to try out our sport.

We are pretty excited about our first Annual Match coming up on Saturday January 28th, 2017: The First Ride of the Roughshod Raiders. We already have 10 applications!!

Delta Glen

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