June 2016 – Raid Report

Raid Report 6-26-16

I’m proud to be associated with such a fine group of people.  Every time we set up a match and every time it all gets put away, I marvel at the help that makes the work so fast and efficient.
Our setup crew on Saturday was Sage Siren, Major Mishap, Rooster Ray, Johnny Showchaps, RP Slim, Tornado Timmy. THANKS!!
It felt like dang near every shooter helped put away the steel, tables, and sundries in record time.  Again, THANKS!!
It was fun to stab the knife into the bale and whack the bad guys with the “good piece of hickory”.
To me, the stages certainly felt like a high level match with a real mix of transitions, movement, and plenty of shooting challenges.
A big congratulations to my friend Major Mishap who shot the match clean as a Gunfighter.  No small feat in this match.  Way to go Mr. Jay!!
Welcome to a first time Raider, Mustache Greg.  It was good to see Missouri Ma’am, Misfire Mordecai, Shoulda Dun Gun, and Jeff Shelleen on our range again.
Hope to see you all on the trail,
Delta Glen

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