April 2016 – Raid Report

Raid Report 4-24-16

Hello Raiders,
What a wonderful day we had on Sunday.  It was good to be back in Gainesville after a month off.  We had 42! shooters, pleasant temperatures, and a dry range.
My favorite stage was #6 with The Arc.  I think we’ll see more of the 2 plane target arrays in some future stages.
I thought that restaging on the Zack rack was a good idea to keep our shooters familiar with vertical restaging.  So, there was poetic justice that I had to run backwards all the way from the next station to actually put my rifle down.  I’m still ruefully chuckling about that.
We had 15 or so shooters competing in the Iron Cowboy category.  Those dedicated souls shot 8 stages on Saturday at the Cowford Annual, then shot 6 stages with the Raiders on Sunday.  That is getting the most out of a weekend!
Congratulations to Wabash Valley Slim for being the fastest Iron Cowboy.  An extra tip of the hat in recognition of Macinaw who shot “Josey Wales” (4 pistols and a shotgun) Gunfighter style both days.  How cool is that?!
Hawkeye Gin has posted all the Iron Cowboy category results on the Scores page of the Raiders website.
We had a number of new Raiders and I hope to see them shoot with us again.  It was certainly good to have Confederate Colt, Charlie Covington, and Shenandoah Star on the range.
As I was composing this report I realized that the 4th Sunday in May is with the 3rd Saturday, which is the weekend many of us are signed up to shoot the Georgia State match.  Stay tuned for how we plan to work this one out!
See you on the trail,
Delta Glen

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