May 2015 – Raid Report

Raid Report 5-24-15

What a pleasant day we had at the May match.  There was enough of a breeze to blow over most of our popup tents. We’ll have to anchor them in the future.

Along with our regular shooters we had some fresh faces this month:

Sage Siren, our hard-working photographer/scorekeeper/sign-in/setup girl, shot her 2nd match. I think she had fun.

Dominator is home from college for a while. Finishing 5th overall, he didn’t display much rust.  

JP Law surfaced from school and work just long enough to shoot with us. He was getting after the stages, too.

Lake City Kid is back from his travels…with a new hat.

Dang It Dan made the drive up and didn’t even have a ’97 in his cart.

Cuban Crisis and Jeff Shelleen are back while Ruskin is resting for the summer.

Asup Sleeve passed through heading for the Wild Bunch match in Ft. White

Christian Mortician showed up with a brand new shooter, Cumberland Kid, who knows his way around the trigger.


Thanks to Rocky Creek Shooter for donating watermelons. That sure hit the spot with lunch today.

Congratulations to Stan, who in spite of his navigation of the Zack Rack, managed to win the match.

I can never say enough about the great cowboys and cowgirls who help us set up and tear down the Raiders match.  But, I can say this:



See you all next month,

Delta Glen

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