May 2014 – Raid Report

 Raid Report 5-25-14

We had 32 shooters brave the early summer heat to shoot our second match. Thank goodness for the popup tents we were able to use to shade the shooting areas.

I’ve never been so proud to be a cowboy shooter as I was this weekend.  Hawkeye Gin’s high school graduation was Saturday. Roughneck Rod, Santa Fe River Stan, Major Mishap, Cuban Crisis, Dominator, Reckless Roberts, and Tornado Timmy braved the heat and set up the match. When Gin and I arrived all the work was done. Hats off to them!

The second Raid was one of the fastest matches ever. Our match winner, Santa Fe River Stan was done in just over 90 seconds. We had several clean shooters and plenty who may have gone a little over the speed limit.

I want to mention the help we had from Delta Red (lunch), Laura Clark (sign-in, photographs, teardown, and scoring) and Tricia Prine (scorekeeping, lunch, teardown). Thanks to everyone else who helped with teardown.

We are getting better at setting up and tearing back down. Only cowboy shooters can work so hard to play on a day off from work!

On this Memorial Day weekend, we can be thankful not only for the American soldiers who died to protect our freedom, but also for the everyday people who work hard for others.

See you on the trail,

Delta Glen




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Video from the First Raid


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Second Match

Hey Raiders! It’s hard to believe we’re already approaching our second match! This Sunday will be the second Roughshod Raiders match at the Gainesville Target Range. We hope to see some new faces as well as those who came last month. This match will be designed with multiple hits on all targets, so get ready to unload your guns! Lunch will be available and we welcome any spectators who want to come watch and give Cowboy Action Shooting a try. Also, Rocky Creek Shooter will be having a brief Cowboy Church starting at 8:15 for anyone interested in attending. We look forward to seeing everyone! Please contact us if you have questions.


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