The First Raid – Raid Report

Raid Report 4-27-14

“The First Raid”

It happened. The first match of a brand new club. It began with a call from Roughneck Rod in mid-February. From the concept of a new club to the first Roughshod Raiders’ match it was a whirlwind of planning and work. In just a few weeks we put on a match that, to me, felt like a quality annual match. We had 41 shooters who supported our new club. We had two first-time CAS shooters, and several with only a few previous matches.

We had 80 targets including 38 reactive targets on the range. It was close and fast, with movement, engagement choice, and some aiming required.

We had a tryout stage for any spectators who wanted to experience shooting our guns on the clock. They got a score card with their raw and total time. Rod provided the tuned revolvers, rifle, double barrel, ’97 and ammo. Col. Dan manned the tent to guide these future Raiders in the rules of our game.

We had an excellent Barbecue lunch catered by Adam’s Rib Co. I’m sure no one went home hungry.

Congratulations to Arcadia Outlaw for winning Top Gun at the first match!

In the current challenging time we shooters live in, it is encouraging that a gun club, the Gainesville Target Range, would invite us to have a cowboy action match and then support our every effort to launch it. We are grateful for their positive attitude.

I want to thank the Raiders who contributed to this effort:

Roughneck Rod: Initial concept, investment, club gunsmith, diesel mechanic, strong back, and determination

Hawkeye Gin: Website, Facebook page, signup, scoring, treasurer, tech adviser, and sounding board

Major Mishap: Master carpenter who built 22+ loading/unloading/staging tables, brass collectors, and anything else I asked

Santa Fe River Stan (founder of the Cracker Crew): Territorial Governor, stage consultant, and badge provider

Deadly Sharpshooter, Purdy Sharp, and Ft. White Cowboy Cavalry: Tents, timers, and setup

Laura Clark: Scoring, photos, video, and Gin’s calming influence

Beck A. Boo: Setup, Gin’s assistant, and everyone’s errand girl

Chance Ramsay: Target steel fabricator

Pig Iron Lane: Shotgun target fabricator

Bill Bonney: Spotting sticks, portable fence posts, and tables

Ennah Tizzy: Master Painter

Tin Star John: Setup and teardown

Dominator: Roughshod Raiders logo


Final thought: Cowboy action shooters are the best people on earth.

~Delta Glen


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