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  • Andy says:

    Will there be a Wild Bunch Division?
    What manufacture makes a Wild Bunch Div. legal pump rifle at a reasonable price?

    TNX, Andy

    • Hawkeye Gin says:


      There have been a few questions from shooters regarding Wild Bunch shooting at the Roughshod Raiders.

      Initially, we will have cowboy action matches only. In the future if enough shooters want to shoot Wild Bunch and can fill their own posse we may consider a WB match within the Cowboy match.

      I haven’t reviewed the current WB rules, but if any big-bore (.40 caliber or larger) main match suitable rifle for SASS is the criteria, then one of the Colt Lightning clones would be legal. I think Taurus makes these…

      Hope this helps.

      Rick Bernal (Delta Glen)
      Cell. 352-317-2357

  • Tampa Flash says:

    Planning on coming up this sunday to shoot with you fine folks. Will you be having that tryout stage agian. I’m bringing a new member of SASS with me Bingo Babe SASS #100133, (aka my wife) we been trying to get her on some guns to shoot now and then. Can’t think of a better place to try it out then there. She may only end up shooting a stage or 2 maybe more depending her comfort level. See you there this sunday

    • Hawkeye Gin says:

      Glad to hear you’re coming! We won’t have a dedicated tryout stage, however we will accommodate Bingo Babe’s first match or stages. We will help her shoot as much as she would like.
      See you then,

      Delta Glen

  • rider in the sky says:

    Howdy Gin, I will be coming to your Dec.28th match and wondering if you know of any local motels (dog friendly)in the area that you would recommend?
    Thanking You in advance on a speedy reply.
    Dennis Morris aka Rider in the Sky

  • Hawkeye Gin says:

    Hey Rider in the Sky,
    We look forward to shooting with you! Delta Glen said that most of the best hotels are on the SW side of town. I did a search on pet-friendly policies of hotels closest to the range and came up with this list:,+Gainesville,+FL+32653,+USA&startDate=12/27/2014&endDate=12/28/2014&adults=2&regionId=0&amenities=17&sort=mostPopular

    The Best Western that’s first on the list is also one that Dad mentioned checking into. Hope this helps!

    Hawkeye Gin

  • Marshal Troop says:

    Is there a match this Sunday?

  • Hawkeye Gin says:

    Yes there is!

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